Refreshed Candy

Just a quick note to commemorate a design refresh of this site. Have been looking for ways to create separate attention for main text and the sidebar. Can’t say I haven’t been inspired by Jon Hicks (and others) who has also just implemented a differing-colour-main-part-with-border on his site. Kept the main nav in the middle, to add ugliness give the design a quirky edge. If I have time to put the search-bar up top the nav may be able to move over to the left.

You’ll notice the logo is a lot smaller. What can I say? My cream ran out, plain and simple. I’m much happier with it, now it’s smaller. I’ve still to update the logos for the inspiration square.

The sidebar still suffers from mixed header styles headers have been updated too. Haven’t managed to add any other colours to the red & gold colour scheme yet though!

Make sure you visit my (on site!) Linkblog. An upcoming post will describe how I managed to create internal copies of the content (originally) on Tumblr – the “latest interesting stuff” links in the sidebar are generated on the fly.

Of course, if you find any quirks, let me know.

3 replies on “Refreshed Candy”

Opportunity to include dancing girls and pretty details have been overlooked on this occasion (sadly!)…. 😉

It’s still a nice site though. Well done.

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