Actual Accessibility

Accessibility. It’s not just blind people. It’s not just for the real world either. For websites it means providing a useful site to anyone. In the early days of the web, there wasn’t much information out there for web designers and it was off everyone’s radar.

Nowadays, there’s lots of written information about accessibility. And yet it can be hard to know what it truly feels like for a blind person to surf the web. Luckily, in the age of Youtube, blind users can simply show us how they experience the web:

Aaron Cannon has made above video available, showing us how he uses Jaws (a screen-reader programme) to browse the web. He pays extra attention to the navigational use of headings, as those are great ways of skimming through sites when using a screen-reader.

I hope this has given a little better insight into why accessibility is important & what experiences it can enable.