Guess who’s nr. 1 for ‘Webdesign Portfolio’ ?

Sooo…guess who’s occupying the top-spot, the prime location, the numbero uno place at Yahoo! for the search ‘Webdesign Portfolio’ ?

Nr 1 spot for webdesign portfolio @ Yahoo!

But what does one write on such an occasion? Is “I’d like to thank my family, my friends, the guys at, my clients, Programmers Notepad, all the nice people at Adobe – oh and Johnny, couldn’t have done it without you! *cue tears* “ really over the top? A tad too much eh?

Well, how about “Thank you for this token of your recognition of my hard work and pure SEO, but I refuse to believe that my Journal is a better webdesign portfolio than my Portfolio. It’s not right I tell you, It’s not right!”. Is that better? Make me seem like an ungrateful so-and-so? Hmm, you’re probably right..

So what does one say on such a joyous occasion?

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