Web Designer Glam?

I have a 14-year-old niece. She used to want to be a rock star. Before that she wanted to be an actress. As of six months ago, what do you think she wants to be when she grows up? What’s the glamorous, emancipating career of choice? Of course, she wants to be a Web designer. It’s such a glamorous business!

~ source: Courtney Love’s views of the music business and ‘Napster’ (note that this piece is absolutely not about web designers at all.)

Ha! I wish.

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hi, it is not on a subject: i was just wondering if you care to chack your blog in IE – the text is cut off on a left side so in some parts quite unreadable

Yep. Somehow the lack of hasLayout on the blockquotes make everything to further and futher to the right in IE.

Wierd. As allways.

And Kate: With a favicon like that who can top you?

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