Jason Brooks for Hed Kandi — Back to Love Wallpaper

We return to our regular programming. It’s a Jason Brooks wallpaper. Based on an Hed Kandi house music album cover. It’s bright and vibrant. Features a chilled out, relaxed babe on a stripy, pink background. It makes a fantastic desktop or mobile background.

In fact, the music style known as Acid House apparently celebrated it’s 20th birthday in 2008. Hed Kandi releases its Acid House albums under the Back to Love label. The Hed Kandi album to celebrate, the Back to Love Anniversary Edition is available from Hed Kandi, and has a very nice cover, but this wallpaper is based on the cover of the 2003 album Hed Kandi 32: Back to Love and it is still available too (from Amazon).

Hed Kandi Wallpaper preview: Back to Love (desktop version)

Above you see the wide-screen version and as always, a specially cropped vertical version is available for mobile. It’s at high definition 640×960 resolution, to look as crisp as possible!

Hed Kandi phone wallpaper preview: Back to Love (phone version)


Download for desktop: Hed Kandi Back to Love 16×10 wide-screen
Or download for mobile: Hed Kandi Back to Love for phones