Jason Brooks for Virgin Atlantic — The Red Wallpaper

And now for something completely different. Well sure, it’s still a wallpaper. And sure, it’s still based on (a cleaned-up and adapted version of) a Jason Brooks illustration. But it’s not based on his work for either Hed Kandi nor Fierce Angels!

Yes, the opportunity arose to base a wallpaper on his other commercial work, in particular Jason Brooks’ work for Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. Given mr. Branson started out with Virgin Records (a record store which then morphed into a large music label) it’s quite a nice segue, but it still feels a little blasphemous. That might be because of all the red though.

Jason Brooks – Virgin Widescreen Wallpaper preview

And boy is it RED! The image was (I believe) part of Virgin’s special London offers promotion.

Jason Brooks – Virgin Wallpaper for phones

This wallpaper is available in wide-screen 1600×1000 format. But that’s not all! Also available is a full HD-resolution iPhone 4 wallpaper, especially cropped for the 640×960 format. Enjoy!

Down­load for desktop:
Jason Brooks Virgin Atlantic 1600×1000 wide-screen

Or download for mobile:
Jason Brooks Virgin Atlantic iPhone4 back­ground (640×960)