Jason Brooks for Fierce Angel — Beach Angel Wallpaper

It’s was time again to dust off the old Photoshop. Whilst I’ve continued listing to House music, it’s been a while forever since I’ve put together a wallpaper of any sort, let alone one featuring Jason Brooks illustrations.

You’ll recognise these illustrations as the ones that are used on the cover of Hed Kandi releases once again, and used to feature on the CDs and promotional material of Fierce Angel.

The Beach Angel wallpaper has been slightly adapted from a piece by Jason Brooks for Fierce Angel.

Beach Angel wallpaper for mobile
Beach Angel wallpaper preview for desktop

Now this image has been released as a wallpaper released by Fierce Angel themselves, but I got rid of the extraneous content so as to make the wallpaper as chill as the music it accompanied. Plus, during these wet and windy autumn months it’s nice to have a summer vibe on your desktop!

Down­load for your desktop:
Beach Angel 1600×1000 widescreen. Enjoy!

Extra download: Beach Angel iPhone4 background (640×960).

2 replies on “Jason Brooks for Fierce Angel — Beach Angel Wallpaper”

Beautiful artwork from Mr Brooks as always. Nice work optimizing for the desktop.

Personally, I’d prefer a darker background colour though. Any chance you could change the background layer in Photoshop? How about an iPhone version too?

Hi Si!

Nah, the piece came with a white background, and it’d be 20x the effort to adapt it to something darker. I’ve got other pieces coming up, some light, some dark and some in between, so just stay tuned!

iPhone versions are something I hadn’t thought of, but I might add them in the future. I’ll go straight for the iPhone 4 resolution though: 960×640. That should work on earlier iPhones too I hope.

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