One Phat DJ — Pro Wallpaper

Recently i’ve been listening to Simon Jobling’s “One Phat DJ” podcast, which is an excellent funky, sexy, house music podcast series. You should lsiten to it too. Two times a month, he outputs more than an hour of wicked house tunes. I can recommend the April 2008 Crescendo episode. Note however, that this recommendation is coming from someone who’s “musical compatibility rating” on is “Super” with One Phat DJ 🙂

So back to the subject of this post: wallpaper. I regularly feature wallpaper of house music I like, or rather wallpapers based on the artwork of house music that I like. Apparently I have the need to create a wallpaper out of everything I open in photoshop.

I was supposed to be creating a cover for an upcoming podcast episode of One Phat DJ, when I realised I wasn’t busy creating a cover at all – it was a wallpaper! So while that means I had to go back to the drawing board for the cover itself, I still thought it’d be nice to share the wallpaper with all of you (with Simon’s blessing, of course).

“One Phat DJ – Pro” wallpaper preview

The “One Phat DJ – Pro” wallpaper is based on a Sam Hardacre sketch of the One Phat DJ character as featured on the April ’08 Warm Up cover. While my creation is obviously inspired by the NBA logo, this style seems to be used for a lot of pro sports now, even pro gaming, so why not pro podcasting?

The wallpaper is available for download in 1400×900 wide-screen format. Feel free to use this wallpaper at home or at work, but please don’t redistribute (just link here).