Jason Brooks for Tokyo Project — Tokyo Project Wallpaper

When Hed Kandi creator Mark Doyle sold the label was forced to let go of the label [thanks for the clarification Mark] to Ministry of Sound, he left to start is own label with illustrator Jason Brooks.

Although the resulting label, Tokyo Project, is gone and a new one, Fierce Angels, has taken its place, there’s still artwork left from Tokyo Project!

Quite beautiful artwork too I might add. This particular image was extracted from the 2005 launch-parties’ flyer design, which was posted on the website back then. All I’ve done is crop it and extend it a bit, so all credit should still go to the aforementioned Jason Brooks.

Tokyo Project wallpaper for mobile
Tokyo Project wallpaper preview

Above is the regular desktop adaptation, with a nice rounded white border running at the top and left.

And for smaller, more vertical screens, I’ve created a mobile version, which is slightly cropped compared to the original.

Desktop: Tokyo Project 1600×1000.
Mobile: Tokyo Project 6×9 for iPhone 4


4 replies on “Jason Brooks for Tokyo Project — Tokyo Project Wallpaper”

That’s great Jacob.

Yeah, I seem to remember seeing this one before (Hed Kandi itself…or your Flickr photos – I can’t recall which). By the way, the girl’s outfit in the illustration is more Chinese in style than Japanese…so, ‘Tokyo’ might be the wrong name for it really.

Aye it’s a bit asian-confused. As long as the drawing’s beautiful I tend not to think too much of it though. Who knows, maybe that’s why they went under!

And yes, these wallpapers have been through my flickr account before. I had this post lined up for a while, but I wasn’t quite up to posting anything. (until now)

Can I please correct your first comment….I never sold hed kandi was never mine to sell and had I had true ownership of the brand I would never ever have left. I created the label and the overall concept while working for Jazz fm . They supported and funded my mad decisions and we ended up with one of the most hi profile, best selling dance compilations. Jazz FM was purchased by GMG and things began to change. I stayed with the company for nearly 2 years more but was unhappy with the direction it was taking, I decided to leave in 2005 and walked out with no money and not even a leaving party. Shortly afterwards I had a legal case taken against me arguing that hed kandi felt they owned the look of the illustrated covers drawn by Jason Brooks. A long legal battle ensued with our company winning the first hearing. Our new company had already spent of 135,000 fighting the case and were already on the brink of collapse.
We were then told the case would be appealled at High Court and we could be looking at a legal bill of 250,000. In the end we settled for around 30k and wrote off the other money. Although we won it was by no means a victory.

SO to any of those who say I sold it…kindly point out it was never mine to sell. Had I been in that position I would never have let the brand go

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