Fat nano?

There’s a bunch of mock-ups going around the web (inspired by “photos”) of wide iPod nanos. I don’t think that form factor is appealing, and I’m sure plenty people at Apple don’t think that too.

That’s why I think the following form factor is more likely, or at the very least, better. But who knows, they may need the “fatness” for the internals, making my mock-ups impossible!

iPod Nano with bigger screen, sideways.
iPod Nano mock-up with screen and click-wheel sideways.

UpdateBlimey! I got it wrong apparently. They still shouldn’t have made it fat in my opinion. Who knows what’ll happen in the next update! (And who knows how well this line of nano’s will sell!)

Update 2Wha-hey! I got it right! Only took apple a year to catch up with their 4th generation getting it right in my view 😉

One reply on “Fat nano?”

Agreed. The new nano is the stubbiest little beast on the planet. If it were a strict square that would be quite different…but a tubby, rounded corner, rectangle? Eh.

I think this is sort of Apple’s own fault though as they need to constantly reinvent the wheel. It can be almost impossible not to step on your own feet when you revamp a product line every six months!

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