Amazing Cityscape

Here’s a fantastic cityscape by Craig Mullins. I love the mixture of Ancient Greek, “Gotham” and “Roaring Twenties” style. The mood, the angle (even if the perspective of the street is a little bit off), the superb lighting and details in the architecture really make this piece amazing to behold.

City Scape by Craig Mullins

Once you realise that it’s quite an achievement to make the aforementioned melting pot of architecture all come together and you can see why I think it’s even more amazing than it looks.

If you check out the rest of Craig’s Gallery you’ll find even more amazing images.

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Very cool, I really like that pic. I’ll definitely check out his other works, thanks for the link!

Ok, i really never seen something like that before…
Also, the watercolor art of him is beatuyful!

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