Joe Blade by Paul Haine

Looking through the Britpack list over on Malarkey’s site, I noticed and was amazed with his recently redesigned site, so here’s what I said:

Man, this is a really fine design! I can see a tad of HicksDesign in it (search box) but it’s all put together in an original way – and more importantly – it just fits. It feels right.

I really like it.

3 replies on “Joe Blade by Paul Haine”

Oh! Your Jordan from the Joshualist, right?

And well, it kinda has some 2006 elements (vaguely) but it’s mostly just a really good and nice design.

Indeed, I am. If you see the name in lowercase, it’s probably me. 🙂

It is a rather nice design, although I’m not particularly fond of this “revised” three-column system that puts both sidebars together. I’ve seen it on other sites as well, and it always feels very cluttered to me.

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