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7 signals from the watchful elves of impending doom. 9 rules for the dwarven lords, who broke them which resulted in 21 degree burn marks. 24 ways were tried to heal them, but in the end they just hid the marks with the help of 28 make-up studios and one digital effects studio. But alas, the marks worsened to 36 degree burn marks. No wait, 37!

Then, suddenly, the same number of signals were received. ‘Go to 5411 CO’, they said. What a weird postcode! Where could that be?

So they travelled all 360 degrees of the world – shudder – before they thankfully ended up at 456 Bereastreet. There, in room 313 they finally found what they were looking for…

So what’s the deal with numbers and design studio names?

8 replies on “Design by numbers”

I was 36 degrees long before 37 signals, and I guess a lot of the others. In 1997ish I ran a music site, named after my favourite song at the time, 36 Degrees by placebo. The website went away, the name stuck.

Funny thing was, I named my business 31Three, registered it with the government, and then went to register the domain name. When I did, I found that it was already registered! I had to register until the other owner let theirs run out.

I picked 24ways fully conscious of the numbers trend. The main reason, however, was that I wanted a name that indicated the 24 articles in 24 days theme without particularly mentioning advent or Christmas.

I tried to be sensitive to the fact that Christmas is not a universal festival, and that that shouldn’t prevent the site being useful to everyone. Also note the total lack of any Christmas theme to the design, beyond the red and white colour scheme.

I also didn’t want to limit myself just to the festive season in the future. So ’24ways’ seemed to fit the bill.

I chose Signal 7 mostly because of the nice alliteration. It doesn’t mean anything particularly, which leaves me a lot of flexibility in business direction.

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