My original intent for this journal

My original intent for this journal was to post my comments over on other people’s journals on my own journal. I’m still not quite sure if that’s actually quite interesting or if it’ll work, so it’s as much an adventure for me as it is for you!

Here’s my comment on Bryan Veloso’s “Lurkers! Speak to me!” post over on Avalonstar. It’s one of those delurking threads – so if you’re lurking here you’re free to finally comment here to 🙂

Dunno how I came here, but you’re writing style’s pretty decent and I find your design oddly compelling, yet not attractive. (sorry)

You’ve been in my sage list since you said that it’d be interesting meeting me – still wondering how that thought entered your brain.

Also wondering what happend to those t-shirts…as long as they’re here for summer it’s cool, but just a little info on how far along the process is would be nice.

Seeing as how I haven’t really been a lurker I certainly don’t really exactly qualify to win – but if I do, give hosting to some other bloke, as I’ve got free hosting anyway. It’s a nice price though..also, it’s best not to let me win – I don’t want to use up my luck, as I’m in the ‘Steve Jobs Movie Poster’ contest over at MikeIndustries.

Oh, and a shoutout to the fellow Joshualisters!

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You spelled my name wrong again. :p

As for the t-shirts, they’re still coming, but I underestimated the original press cost and am currently saving money to cover it.

your orginal intent for your jounal is very original and interesting! i’ve thought of doing it before but i wasn’t brave enough. i didn’t think that i would actually have enough material to keep it going.

Whoops! My apologies Bryan..

..and Miss Techie, it’s funny you should mention that you think you wouldn’t have enough material to keep it up, as posting comments as posts was a way I thought up to make sure I had enough stuff to post. Ironically, I’m finding it hard to remember posting my comments here. Oh well…

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