I designed a Steve Jobs Movie Poster (Well Alright, Three)

Mike Davidson has just announced the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster. I’ve posted the following three entries…I’m up against some terrific competition, so fingers crossed!

Silence of the Podcast

My first go. I had originally thought of remaking the ‘Saw 2’ poster by exchanging fingers for pods, but as I was looking for source material I came across the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ poster. Somehow that got me thinking of Podcasts – and the rest was history!

Steve’s Angels

During my research for the Saw 2 poster I also found an article about movie posters using two fingers to indicate a sequel. Among the posters listed was the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle poster…mmmm. Looking at that poster, my mind naturally pondered how easy it’d be to fit in a Nano into Cameron Diaz’ hand. Thus “Steve’s Angels” was born.

Anatomy of a Shuffle, based on the famous “Anatomy of a Murder poster by Saul Bass (the famous logo & film credits designer)

Saul Bass’ Anatomy of a Murder poster + Ipod’s ad campaign. I’ll say no more except that if you look closely, you’ll see some nice details! (Isn’t as good as the iZombie though.)

2 replies on “I designed a Steve Jobs Movie Poster (Well Alright, Three)”

The first one looks like Ashton Kucher (however you spell it), still pretty good.

The second one is the best one, I think, but the lowercase “t” kinda throws me off.

Everything about Apple is straight edges and rounded corners, so I don’t know where you got inspiration from a jagged-edged poster, even if it is from Saul Bass.

Just my 2 pennies.

You’re quite right Pat – the t is dead wrong…funny how I overlooked that.

And about the jagged edges: I decided to make the poster resemble the original as close as possible, and jagged edges are an essential part of the design.

Lastly – I’m sure Ashton has a much slimmer face! It’d kinda hidden here, but Steve’s face is really, really broad.

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