Blah blah blah: It’s the content silly!

I browse the web all day long, and I’m a person who actually reads the copy on most sites. And well, I have to tell you—it sucks. Big time. I find it a shame that so many site owners put such little stakes in copy writing. All across the web, you can hear the web masters chanting:

Content is King! King I tell you!

Yet rarely do they execute on their proclamations. It’s sad for me to see this, because they all seem to know what they should be doing, but rarely do they actually do what they should be doing.
~ source: found (unsurprisingly) via Kyle of Warpspire (as Kyle is guy who’s behind both sites).

I get the feeling my copy writing makes this journal unworthy of linking to – but who knows, some stuff* might rub off!

* See? Stuff! You can’t use stuff…bad bad bad writing! Although one might argue it’s a good example of bad copy writing, and as such it’s a brilliant little addition. Yeah. That’s a pretty good excuse. I think I’ll stick with it. Yeah. Uhm, oh oh! Here I go again, writing more stuff in the post scriptum than in the actual post itself. Ugh.