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Design losing its effectiveness

Every day I see evidence that we are losing our ability to understand and appreciate effective design — trading our appreciation and understanding for fetish.
~ source: Andy Rutledge

Andy Rutledge, you have no idea how much I agree with you.

I’d like to add that the design of this Journal was an experiment in design-porn. I found my past designs too austere. I felt it limited my ability to fully express what I wanted to convey. I must say that I haven’t quite reached a point where I’m satisfied with the amount of fluff in this design yet.

So get ready for more fluff (and a good culling afterwards)!

edit: Whoops, thanks Bob!

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I love the text on this page—it’s nice to see some serifs for a change on the web. And that big E in the quote is beautiful, as is the title. I think you mean “Design losing its effectiveness”, though (without the apostrophe).

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