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Knowledge will bring enlightenment.

Rather than shun those who don’t seem like their “getting it,” take the time to re-educate them.
~ Brian Veloso over on Avalonstar.

I feel that spreading the knowledge is more important than spreading the message, as the ‘web standards’ people have been doing these couple of years. This is because I feel that enlightenment will follow knowledge anyway.

It’s also a darned sight easier to get people ‘on board’ that way too.

One reply on “Knowledge will bring enlightenment.”

I absolutely agree, and that sentiment can be taken to many other parts of life too.

Just saying “I’m right, this is the right way to do things” and explaining why just doesn’t work as well as explaining what you know about the subject and why you came to your own conclusions based on that knowledge.

It’s good rhetorical strategy as well. Get people to share your knowledge and they’re more likely to understand, and therefore share, your point of view. The same goes for understanding others’ point of view, which I think is also important.

And of course, shunning ignorance will do nothing for the ignorant–except maybe make them feel bad and hate you…

So yeah, good thoughts.

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