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London 2012 branding

Respected designers Armin from Speak Up and Bryan from Coudal actually defend the London Olympic 2012 branding. They list a number of reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: The world hates it, but at least it’s original! Thing is, not only is the logo horrible and the branding just plain wrong for the games, it’s not even close to being original.

Take the ‘innovative’ epilepsy inducing new-look branding film (I’m not kidding about the epilepsy attacks, beware!). Is it really that innovative? Hmmmmmm. Let’s have a look.

Graphics flowing through a city all squiggly-like has been done in a number of ads and music videos, including “Shitty Bum by C-mon & Kypski” (2004 or earlier, by the way). Okay, so that part isn’t original.

What about the psychedelic colour changes? Overused throughout the eighties, the best known example probably being the MTV Launch video (1981).

However, there’s a quote in the aforlinked BBC article which makes me believe it’s not all bad:

The logo came up on TV and I was thinking about the 2012 Games and then I was out.

Christopher Filmer, who needed to go to hospital after a seizure

Because thank goodness, at least it’s on message.

One reply on “London 2012 branding”

Bottom line is that it’s shite and needs to be replaced. 😀

It won’t get replaced now though…look what happened to those poor buggers in Vancouver for the 2010 Games – their logo (also shite) despite having created nationwide disgust and record number of complaints…still isn’t getting replaced! The same thing will happen with the London 2012 logo…the London Olympic team have decided there’s no turning-back and they don’t have the balls to admit they got it wrong (£400,000 wrong is VERY wrong isn’t it?!)….so it will stay. This will be the Official logo for the London 2012 Olympics…..the shame.

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