Hilton’s Paris vs. Apple’s iPhone

So which two stories have been dominating the news recently? Right! Apple’s iPhone and Hilton’s Paris. It’s astounding how much they have in common. Let’s take a look!

Paris Hilton vs. Apple iPhone
  • Both are extremely slim, don’t weigh much.
  • Not everyone finds them quite as elegant as other offerings, but for different reasons.
  • They get press coverage of every little thing that’s known about them.
  • News wires run so many stories on them that they’re forced to run a story on how many stories there have been!
  • Their songs don’t work as ringtones.
  • Both had legal issues, but got off quite lightly.
  • Both fit an expensive lifestyle.
  • People wonder what it’d be like to use them, despite extensive video documentation.
  • They just got released.
  • Quite easy to manipulate.
  • You feel a pang of embarrassment when friends just keep on gushing about them.
  • They’re simple.

And did I mention the flat form-factor….?

[update 2010] I now actually have an iPhone, it’s works great. Also, Paris Hilton isn’t quite as bad as I make out above, I think she’s actually found quite a clever way of making money. I just hope she enjoys what she does. I still think news-wires shouldn’t run stories on how many stories there have been.

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