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Noscope redesigned: Pangea launched!

Joen, my Danish friend who runs a journal and graphical instalment outlet, has just launched the new design of his site. (You heard it here first kids!) And what a design it is! As I said on Joen’s site itself:

May I be the first to congratulate you on Pangea! It really does take good care of your sites whole ecosystem, while being so clear and effective it positively hurts! It’s nice to have a useful homepage, the instalment box in particular is a great feature. For the rest, great aligning, fantastic white space – not that we expect anything less of course 🙂

The attention to detail is pretty darn good too. Even the X to close the comment-formatting-box has a highlight state! And to my surprise the wee bite you’ve taken out of the top-right of the boxes break up the boxxyness enough – even though they’re really small bites.

Solid design, and I can’t wait what colours you’ll inject with one of your (semi)-monthly redesigns.

~ source: Noscope Pangea

2 replies on “Noscope redesigned: Pangea launched!”

Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it.

I’ve taken commentators feedback seriously, by the way, and have done quite a few changes over the weekend.

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