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Current awesomeness

Recent pickings on the web have been rather fruitful lately, so I decided it’d be a good time to share them:

~ The proper way to use the Photoshop Colour Replacement Tool over on Veerle’s journal is a rather good read.

~ iTunes Library Updater: The best – and only? – way to properly clean your iTunes library on Windows. Worked wonders for mine.

~ Veerle’s journal itself. Recently redesigned, it’s received a lot of complements and attention from across the web. Seeing as how the design is well thought out on so many levels, that’s not surprising.

~ If Microsoft was in charge of the iPod packaging, what would it look like? A rather nice video visualising the different market (and thus marketing) Microsoft and Apple have.

~ High quality (print quality even!) PhotoShop brushes ranging from a ‘Fresh Foliage’ collection to ‘Worn’ ones (linked at the bottom) by Jason Gaylor. It’d be an understatement to say they’re good.

~ WTF 2.0 About how it’s not about cool stuff, but how to make money from cool stuff. And how mobile (unsurprisingly) got thrown out of the web 2.0 mix, but is making bucket loads of dosh.

That’s all folks!