First Entry

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

I need a proper entry so I can see what real entries look like.

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You are exactly right on this. Comments have been something I’ve been pondering a lot lately and you just covered them all, accept one I believe.

User unfamiliarity. Of course younger people are more apt to be comfortable to just leave comments but when dealing with people (read: older people) who are less web savvy it can take some real wrangling to get them to warm up to the idea of leaving feedback and participating in a discussion. Whereas they are used to another form of control over things that they read: boycott. If they don’t like it, they stop reading and don’t come back effectively vetoing the writers thoughts. Or if they do have something to say they assume nobody else is interested and don’t bother because they have never participated and don’t know how powerful the internet can be as a place of archived conversations that are usable for future readers.

Nice format on this blog if I must say myself. Can I add that the value of good content on the web has diminished but not on your pages. Great stuff–David 🙂

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