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Sintesis Azul wallpaper by Marcelo Grassi


John Gruber can be unfair too.

Daring Fireball is a site I frequently read. John Gruber links to, and comments on, a lot of interesting things on Daring Fireball. Just the other day, John linked to and commented on an interesting piece in Good Magazine. The piece describes the base measurement of the metric system (the meter) in a series of info graphics. Here is what he said:

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Improving the SXSW panel voting

Coming up in March is the next South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of new media people (meaning web folk) and it’s held in Texas. The conference time-table is filled with talks. Who gets to talk at SXSW? That gets decided by online vote. While that seems like a neat idea at first, it has attracted criticism for not delivering a quality panel line-up.